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ZHAW’s Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (INRS/IUNR) is committed to the sustainable use of natural resources and that natural habitats for humans, animals and plants remain intact. The aim of good fish farming is to maintain high-quality water, strive for low emissions, energy optimisation and simplification of operational processes in order to enable sustainable fish production. This project is implemented in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Technology AIT, Smiling Gecko Cambodia and WorldFish organization.


Aquacultures initiated by the Cambodian government in rural regions are intended to ensure a better food supply for the population in the medium term. The commonly used, simple paddle wheels or diesel-driven systems are inadequate for a good and cost-effective oxygen supply in order to successfully manage fish ponds. On one hand, the ZHAW developed Sun-Oxygen-System SOS, with pumps supported by photovoltaics, is used to guarantee efficient oxygen supply for fish ponds. On the other hand, the nutrient-rich water is used for irrigation systems in fields; representing an economic, ecological and social approach.


The satisfying results of the Sun Oxygen System (SOS) obtained in Switzerland could be replicated in Cambodia. 13 new ponds were built and fish mortality decreased by 93% thanks to the use of SOS. Out of the ten women leader farmers enrolled in the training program, eight have now completed the second cycle and are financially sustainable. The online training courses and the construction manual for the SOS system have been finalised and are available online. The project is in the finalisation phase.