SuisseDev – Mali

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Association Suisse de Développement en Afrique-Subsaharienne

Olivier Starkenmann


Local Partner

EcoTech Mali

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Pilot project


Energy efficiency



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Swiss Contribution

The project builds on work done by the Antenna Foundation to reduce energy poverty by offering innovative and affordable renewable energy solutions. The Association Suisse de Développement en Afrique-Subsaharienne (SuisseDev), formerly Association Amis-Suisses des Villages Dogons (ASVD) has been working in Mali for 30 years for the sustainable socio-economic development of rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa. EcoTech Mali ensures the successful implementation of the project on site.


Mali has been experiencing significant food insecurity for many years. Local conflicts, economic and social crisis as well as drought and floods are many factors contributing to the country’s vulnerability. In an attempt to respond to this complex problem, SuisseDev plans to make five solar-powered cold rooms accessible to Malian farmers’ cooperatives in order to facilitate the conservation of crops and seeds. Thanks to the better preservation of the products made possible by refrigeration, yields can be significantly improved. In order to ensure that the cold rooms are used correctly by the owners and local farmers, training will be provided throughout the project. Regular data collection will facilitate the replication of similar projects.


Two cold rooms were designed and built. One is currently being used by two farmer cooperatives representing about 150 people. Three more cold rooms will be built in other regions according to the local needs.