Powerblox – Tanzania

Swiss Partners

Power-Blox AG, Frick
Alessandro Medici

Local Partner

Enda Solar,
Gian Schachenmann

Project Type:

Pilot project





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Project Start:


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Swiss Contribution

Power-Blox has developed a smart system based on swarm technology for on and off-grid electrification. It allows for a decentralised and auto-regulation of the power within the grid. The self-learning system configures itself automatically and monitors the settings for power production, energy storage and distribution into the grid.


Power-Blox is planning to set up a solar-powered mushroom farm in Tanzania, together with Gian Schachenmann. The planned production complex’s energy supply (see photo on the left, above) is being prepared with the system developed by Power-Blox, made of a PV plant and a battery system. The precise control of the air-conditioning system will be a key challenge since mushrooms have a low tolerance for temperature variation. If the pilot project is successful, the installation will be replicated in other regions.


The mushroom farm was built and finally put into operation in October 2023. The PV system for air conditioning and for the entire operation of the mushroom farm has an maximum output of 27 kWp and battery storage with a capacity of 40 kWh. In order to meet the high cooling requirements, a cold storage tank filled with 1 cubic meter of water (picture on the right) was built. It is ‘loaded’ using 6 compressors, with their waste heat being directly used to dry the mushrooms.