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Roman Droux

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Pilot project


Small Hydropower



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Swiss Contribution

PamirLink, a Swiss NGO from Bern, aims to improve living conditions in the Tajik Pamir. The project’s technical implementation, as well as the training of the local technicians will be realized by ZOBO-Hydropower, who is experienced in the development and construction of small hydropower plants.


The Pamir mountain region is one of the poorest and most isolated areas worldwide. Biomass such as wood and dung are the main fuels used for heat production and cooking. Due to the high demand and the resulting deforestation, it is not possible to cover the energy demand in a sustainable way. The electrical energy’s insufficient availability is one of the most important problems that exists in this region.

The NGO PamirLink supports a local small hydropower initiative in Basid, a small remote village in the Tajik Pamir. The village started the initiative by realizing a first rudimentary small hydropower plant, able to partly improve the access to clean electrical energy. The existing hydropower plant will be modified and extended in this REPIC project’s framework. The resulting performance increase will ensure the electricity supply for the entire village.

The midterm goal is not only the training of 20 – 30 local engineers and mechanics, but also to set up a cost efficient local production facility for cross-flow turbines. This production facility would be one of the basic elements leading to a better electricity supply, by installing an increasing number of locally produced efficient small hydro power plants.