Pakka – Colombia

Swiss Partners

Pakka Foundation, Zürich
Martin Lichtenegger

Generation Carbon, Basel-Land
Martin R. Schmid

Local Partner

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Pilot project


Resource efficiency



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Swiss Contribution

The Zürich-based Pakka Fundation is involved in fourteen nut production units worldwide. As part of the project Pyro-Power Colombia, it collaborates closely with Generation Carbon to develop pyrolysis systems to improve organic waste management in cashew nuts plantations. The two organisations guarantee that the higher standards in term of sustainability are met.


Pyrolysis systems allow to recycle specific type of waste such as cashew nut shells. This technique consists in heating the organic waste at a high temperature to transform it into a new material called biochar. Biochar can then be used for various ends, such as soil fertilisation. The heat produced during the pyrolysis process is reused to dry the cashew. Eventually, the process could be adapted to other waste products.


An information event and a workshop on pyrolysis and biochar were organised with relevant stakeholders. The project team evaluated 5 possible production sites for the pyrolysis plants. 2 of these are on the shortlist. In addition to the utilisation of cashew nut shells, waste from cane sugar producers is also a promising resource, which is important for the multiplication of the plants.