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Swiss Contribution

Nouvelle Planète is a Swiss non-profit organization founded in 1986, which maintains a neutral stance, specifically in terms of religion and politics. Its supports small-scale projects in the field of ressource efficiency and has many years of experience building domestic biogaz installations.


Nouvelle Planète is replicating the REPIC project 2015.07, completed in 2016, for 321 households (1,300 people). The project’s aim is to provide households with biogaz plants and to convey the technical know-how necessary for plant maintenance. The target group consists partly of poor households or households close to the poverty line, unable to set up these installations because of the high initial cost. Thus, these households will only finance 15-35% of the initial costs. Climate Services will calculate the project’s CO2 savings, so that part of the financing can be done through carbon offsetting funds.


A local coordinator has been hired to explain the project’s details to 500 families in five villages. In Septembre 2022, 275 families had completed their registration for a bio-gas plant. The technical aspects of the project have been reviewed and validated by a Swiss specialist. General demand is higher than initially expected.