Hofstetter Gastechnik – Serbia

Swiss Partners

Hofstetter Gastechnik, Hindelbank
Alin Schiopu

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Pilot project


Resource efficiency



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Swiss Contribution

Hofstetter Gastechnik is a Swiss plant constructor specialized in integrated landfill solutions. This internationally established company is responsible for the design, technological know-how, main equipment manufacturing, training and initial operation of the project.


A serious challenge is being posed to Serbia, where no solutions have previously been offered for landfill gas or leachate at over 100 dumpsites. These dumpsites are polluting the air and soil, as well as surface and underground waters. Many of these landfills have no access to the electricity grid; which is problematic as landfill technologies such as degassing systems and leachate treatment plants rely on electricity for operation.

In Trstenik, Hofstetter Gastechnik proves the concept of an innovative and probably unique solution, which is capable of managing the gas and leachate of off-grid landfills. A system called “Auttonomous” safely combusts landfill gas in a gas engine which produces electricity that can be utilised on-site. Part of the produced energy is used to power a compact reverse osmosis unit for landfill leachate treatment. These measures reduce significantly the landfills’ impact on the environment.


The new “Auttonomous” system was built, tested and optimised in Hofstetter Gastechnik’s workshops.  Subsequently, all components were delivered to Serbia and installed.  The system is up and running and the operating times have been continuously increased.


The plant runs and produces about 86,000 kWh of clean energy per year.

Among other actions, the osmosis plant driven by this energy manages to treat about 90% of the accumulated leachate. In addition, approximately 5,400 tonnes of CO2 are saved annually and one full-time employment position has been created for the plant’s operation and maintenance.