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HEIG-VD / IESE, Yverdon-les-Bains
Jean-François Affolter

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Pilot project





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Final report (in French)

Swiss Contribution

The Institute of Energy and Electrical Systems (IESE) of the School of Management and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) provides its expertise, particularly in overall system’s modelling and in training of Cameroonian technicians. The project’s implementation is carried out in close collaboration with the National Technology Development Committee of the Cameroonian Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (CNDT/MINRESI).


About half of Cameroon’s population lives in rural areas, where less than 45% of the people have access to clean drinking water and only 23% is connected to the electric network. The project “Rural Energy Platform (REP)” offers an innovative solar power plant that greatly differs from the usual solar kiosks as it also included a drinking water distribution system, an energy utilities supply system, as well as space favourable to the creation of a market place for goods and services (grocery, hairdresser, infirmary, etc.). The pilot platform has been installed in the Mvan Nvog Nyengue locality of Akonolinga


Part of the REP was achieved in march 2022. It includes a computer and reading room as well as an infirmary. The launch of these infrastructures allowed for technical and socio-economic analysis that will help replicate similar projects in the future.

The energy produced with the photovoltaic plant is a clean alternative to small petrol fueled equipment and saves about 29 teqCO2 per year. Access to clean drinkable water reduces the risk of chronic diseases and the new local services allows to save time and money related to transport to the city.


The diversity of services made available through the PER allows for increased financial sustainability. The offers correspond to local needs and promote local entrepreneurship. Collaboration between Swiss and Cameroonian engineers has been strengthened through various seminars and conferences organised in both countries.