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Pierre Güntert

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Pilot project


Energy efficiency



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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partners hold a great deal of technical know-how in the field of combustion and pyrolysis.


In Haiti, the preparation of 1-2 warm meals per day is usually made on inefficient cooking sites with 3 stones and using wood or charcoal as fuels.

The project aims to introduce energy efficient low-tech pyrolysis cookers to replace these inefficient wood burning cooking sites; which will be using waste-biomass. The aim is to create a closed process chain for the use of naturally available waste biomass for cooking purposes as an alternative to wood and charcoal. Poor households close to the poverty line should be able to afford these cookers, too. This way, they can achieve savings on their household budget. These cookers (Haitian models) shall be produced and sold in Haiti. The cooker model will be optimized in a preliminary project in Switzerland. Locally in Haiti, produced biomass-briquettes from lignin-free waste-biomass shall be used as fuel. Composition and production of these biomass-briquettes will be tested in this project. Totally 4 business branches shall be created from this: 1: production of the pyrolysis cookers, 2: logistics hub for the supply with fuel, the sale of cookers and receiving the biochar which is acquired, 3: production of biomass-briquettes and 4: further processing and sales of biochar.