FiBL – Ivory Coast

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FiBL, Frick
Jacques G. Fuchs

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PMCI / Pro Fair Trade AG

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Pilot project


Biomass, Resource efficiency


Ivory Coast

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Swiss Contribution

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture based in Frick (AG) is an experienced actor in the field of industrial composting and has managed international projects for many years. The socio-economic and sustainability issues will be addressed by Coop, one of the Swiss leaders in food distribution, as part of its program for sustainable palm oil production.


Palm oil is a controversial and often misunderstood good. Historically, palm tree plantations have required extensive deforestation, resulting in the disappearance of large areas of primary forest. Today, many efforts are being invested to continue producing palm oil following sustainable standards. Palm oil is a very advantageous product: it has little smell and taste and gives a special smoothness to food and cosmetic products.

This REPIC project supports the production of organic palm oil, for which the use of mineral fertilizers is forbidden. For this purpose, FiBL proposes to combine two composting systems (traditional and lombri-composting), to adapt them to the waste treatment. The resulting compost can then be used in the production of organic palm oil.


The first training sessions on composting were held for locals. The first lombri-composting plants and provisional traditional compost heaps were also built to optimally adapt the process to the given conditions. Various tests have been carried out and analysed, with encouraging results. An on-site laboratory should be in place before the summer of 2024.