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EscherTec AG, Zurich,,
Patrick Escher

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Pilot project


Energy efficiency


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Swiss Contribution

EscherTec AG and the involved Swiss companies and institutions (Drift Consulting GmbH in Baden and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) contribute their know-how in the field of technology, development of energy systems and project management.


In 2010 the City of Trebinje’s government signed an agreement to increase its energy efficiency by 20%, to increase the share of renewable energy by 20% and to reduce the CO2 emissions by 20% until 2020. Up to now, they have conducted smaller projects which have led to some improvements. Therefore, Trebinje wants to increase the awareness of conscientious electricity consumption, by their own example, as well as their commitment to use renewable energy sources. The aim of the project is to develop an energy concept for a zero-energy area and a transition roadmap. Based on measurable results, Trebinje intends to encourage other institutions, city authorities, companies and owners of residential facilities to follow their example by implementing tools, processes and smart efficient equipment in order to improve overall energy efficiency.


An energy efficiency concept for the City of Trebinje was developed after renewable energy sources were identified and energy assessments of three municipal buildings were completed. Evaluations of various technological solutions provided a basis for the Trebinje municipality’s decision to implement them.


The activities involved local authorities, organizations and companies in favour of energy efficiency. Measures (e.g. ”zero energy” buildings) were ready. However, they could not be implemented as planned because of prioritization of investments, based on current political and economic issues (Covid-19). One of the lessons learned is that the local context matters as much as the technology in these types of projects.