Eride – Zambia

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Eride GmbH, Zürich
Jacob Anz

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Pilot project


Energy efficiency



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Swiss Contribution

Eride Ltd. is a young company from Zurich, whose founder, Jacob Anz, has spent much time in Zambia in recent years. Eride’s vision is to establish sustainable mobility in sub-Saharan Africa’s countries. In light of this, an electric motorcycle was designed and built which will to be launched within the local market through different business models.


Eride Ltd. is planning a pilot project in Zambia that will demonstrate the feasibility, benefits and economic viability of solar-chargeable battery systems suitable for powering rural homes, in combination with an electric means of transport.

Suitable for African roads and conditions, the new system combines an affordable, electric motorcycle powered by a removable, portable lithium-ion battery. This portable battery can also be used as part of a solar home system, providing electricity for lights, television and a refrigerator inside houses and for powering a farm’s water pump. Through the Holland Greentech partner, a group of 20 smallholder farmers will be given the opportunity to use the e-motorcycle system and solar battery system to improve both their own standard of living and increase their own farms’ productivity and profitability. Afridelivery plans to replace part of its fleet of petrol-driven motorcycles with e-motorcycles. This will reduce both emissions and maintenance costs.


Eride konnte in Lusaka neue Räumlichkeiten beziehen und vor ort mit der produktion der ersten Motorräder anfangen. Vorab dazu wurde die Entwicklung des Monitoringsystems abgeschlossen. Während jetzt quasi der Version 1 der Motoräder in Lusaka zusammengebaut wird und bereits über die Strassen rollt, wird parallel dazu an der Weiterentwicklung von batterie und Mottrad gearbeitet.