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EBP Schweiz AG, Zürich
Nicola Borregaard

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Swiss Contribution

EBP Schweiz AG has proven long-term experience in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields within the building sector. EBP Chile is linked very closely with major local stakeholders from industry and national authorities. The Swiss know how for microfinancing is ensured by the company Kalyta Partners LLC.


At least three energy services are being developed and tested with the aim of improving the energy supply to poor and disadvantaged households by using renewable energy and increasing energy efficiency. Local energy companies are involved. A loan model is being developed in cooperation with financing institutions. It enables low-income families to access these energy services despite modest initial investments. The loans are to be repaid from the savings made on energy costs.


The project was realised on a larger scale than planned with around 30 instead of 13 institutions. As a result, additional energy services were implemented and around 440 people benefit directly and more than 1000 indirectly in various municipalities in Chile and Colombia.

34 solar thermal hot water systems were partially financed by the Banigualdad Foundation using microcredits, which is a first for renewable energies at a private level in Chile.

As part of the project, 4 people were trained and 4 jobs were created. 12 students worked on the project. There was great interest in the project at all levels. The “Energy Inclusion Programme” was a finalist for the 2021 AVONNI Award, a national Chilean award for innovation.


So far, the activities in Renca have been expanded and new Energy Inclusion programmes have been implemented or launched in the municipalities of San Joaquín, Recoleta, Cerro Navia and Tolima (Comombia). In addition, a project was launched for the realisation of the first communal solar plants in Chile, which are operated by families living in energy poverty.

Following the successful financing with microcredits in the pilot phase, EBP was able to sign an agreement with the Banigualdad Foundation for future cooperation.