EBP – Brazil Marau

Swiss Partners

Ernst Basler + Partner AG, Zollikon,
Hans-Christian Angele

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Pilot project





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Swiss Contribution

EBP, the Swiss project partner, has extensive experience with energy efficiency projects and has significantly helped to develop the Goms energy region, as well as other similar concepts in countries abroad. Besides other experiences, the results of the REPIC Project in Chile “Eco-friendly Mobility of the Valdivia’s Rivers” are being integrated into this project.


The energy region concept was developed in Europe. It is for use in regions which provide all of their own energy needs through renewable energy. This includes investments in the efficient use of energy as part of the energy region concept. Thus, there is not only positive impact on natural resources and climate, but there is also an increase in local added value, since more energy efficiency technologies and renewable energies are used in a region. The first energy region of Brazil is now being created together with Brazilian partners (Instituto PROMAR, Aquerê Mata-Riá, AQREV) and other stakeholders. The Maraú Peninsula covers an area of approximately 824 km2, has around 19,000 inhabitants and has already been designated a nature park, under Brazilian law. It has extraordinary touristic potential and has been thus far successful in maintaining sustainable tourism. In the Maraú Energy Region’s currently implemented pilot phase, the potential measures and their possible impact shall be more accurately identified, pilot projects defined and a first implementation phase initiated.