Caritas – Haiti


Caritas Switzerland, Luzern
Sonja Leguizamón

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Pilot project


Energy efficiency



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Swiss Contribution

Caritas Switzerland has been active in Haiti for more than 30 years. Good local networking, as well as Caritas’s proven expertise in project management, development and implementation of locally adapted business models form an important basis for this project. Lessons learned from the REPIC’s “Pyrolysis Cooker, Haiti” project are channeled directly into this project.


The overall project is broadly developed and provides comprehensive solutions for the reduction of deforestation, reforestation, the use of organic waste and the improvement of agricultural soils through the use of biochar. A key element for REPIC is the establishment of a profitable production and sales chain for pyrolysis boilers and biomass pellets. An important component is the development and implementation of a locally adapted business model.

The project is co-financed by the European Union.


The production facility has been set up and the machines for producing the pyrolysis cookers and pellets have been installed. The first pyrolysis cookers were produced, analysed and the construction method was optimised one more time. The first training course was successfully completed with the production of around 250 cookers. A business and marketing plan was developed for series production. The handover of the production facility, including a start-up credit from Caritas to a consortium of local companies and cooperatives, planned for 2021, has been delayed by the 2021 earthquake and the difficult security situation and will take place in 2023.