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Carbotech AG, Zurich,,
Flora Conte, Fredy Dinkel

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Establishment of market structures




Burkina Faso

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Swiss Contribution

Carbotech has been active at the international level since 1987, through technical training, projects related to the creation of “green” micro-businesses in developing countries, as well as in other social and technical projects. In managing and coordinating this project, Carbotech has created the link between Burkina Faso and Switzerland, and the technical-commercial and artistic aspects, too.


By training theatre artists in solar technologies and marketing, then integrating them into the solar products and services sales sectors, the synergy between art and technology opens up an innovative distribution channel for PV products to all population segments. These sales, integrated into a broad and cohesive people network, must make it possible to develop a free market for high quality photovoltaic articles. The REPIC funding concerns activities related to organization, guidance related to technology, environmental impact and entrepreneurship.


In 2017, the “Lightning Artists” project met the challenge of the first theatre tour in Burkina Faso powered solely by solar energy. 14 theatrical performances took place in the capital city of Ouagadougou, as well as in the suburb and in rural villages. Actions to promote quality photovoltaic products have been carried out in 14 selected localities. In addition to the photovoltaic training and marketing by 16 artists, seven people have learned to use and sell certified Lighting Africa’s certified items. Around 150 photovoltaic products (kits, chargers and lamps) have been sold to families and retailers; thus providing electricity at night to more than 1,000 people, while avoiding diesel generator use and approximately five tons of disposable batteries.


The “Lightning Artists” project had a significant impact on the visibility of quality photovoltaic products, both in city and rural areas. Sales of these products have been boosted by theatrical performances and various marketing actions; both of which attest to the commitments of local actors and businesses. Earning buyers’ trust in photovoltaics and selling in large quantities requires more time than the project’s duration, which is possible since street merchants (travelling salesmen) continue their product sales.