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ASS-UDM Swiss Association supporting the University of the Mountains in Cameroon, Ependes,,
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Swiss Contribution

ASS-UDM (Swiss Association supporting the University of the Mountains in Cameroon) manages this project. Swiss experts from SUPSI (The University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland), Groupe-E, HES-SO Wallis and Fribourg Vocational School are responsible for the know-how transfer in the fields of photovoltaics and small-scale hydropower plants.


This REPIC project comprises the construction of a training center for renewable energies which is affiliated with the University of the Mountains in Cameroon. The following main works are carried out:

  • Center’s construction with the corresponding laboratory space
  • Training of local teachers by the Swiss experts
  • Implementation of the pilot training cycle in photovoltaics and small-scale hydropower

The one-year, theoretical and practical vocational training should enable young trainees to contribute to rural electrification. It is anticipated to have this new training recognized by the state’s Ministry of Education.


The building’s construction was completed in 2017. Despite some organisational challenges, the installation of the material platform (solar and hydraulic didactic equipment) and trainers’ education were successfully completed in 2018. A delegation of the Swiss partners took part in this.


This project led to the creation of a professional establishment known as the “Mountain Trades and Professions Center” in Bangangté. After the Cameroonian state’s certification of the Center was granted, the first technical training courses took place in 2019. Nine trainees have graduated as renewable energy technicians during the pilot cycle. They are now working in local companies or as self-employed entrepreneurs. A second round of training started in 2020 and the expansion of the Center’s activities has commenced.