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Swiss Contribution

ASG International is a Swiss solar company that plans, builds and maintains solar installations (up to 250 kWp) in sub-Saharan Africa with the help of local companies. Innovenergy is a consortium partner that has many years of experience in the development and production of salt battery systems and whose products serve as the basis for the development of “SaliAfrica”. Innovenergy operates in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The project will adapt their battery system “SaliPro” to the West-African environment.


Salt batteries are made from non-toxic and sustainable materials, are non-flammable, fully recyclable and ideal for use in high temperature areas as they do not require cooling. In the project “REPIC Rollout Salt Battery”, the consortium intends to develop standardized, plug-and-play salt battery cabinet systems “SaliAfrica” for photovoltaic and other applications in West Africa. The project will also include the set-up of a manufacturing facility in Ghana and two service hubs in Ghana and Cameroon. This will create high-quality jobs and enable long-term structures for operating the systems. This provides a competitive advantage by ensuring that maintenance and repairs can be carried out locally over long warranty periods.

The core team of the project consists of the companies ASG International and Green Power Brains. ASG International sees itself as a “one-stop shop” for solar and sustainable storage projects. Its clients include commercial and industrial customers, government agencies, international organisations and NGOs.

Green Power Brains (GPB) is a German company based in Munich. Its core business is engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of solar installations with a focus on mini-grids and the development of software for remote monitoring and operation of such installations in sub-Saharan Africa. GPB is also involved in R&D projects in areas such as green hydrogen and electromobility. Like ASG International, GPB has already installed salt batteries in various projects in Western Africa.