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Dear Sir and Madam,


The first project of the new REPIC phase 2022-2024 announced last August has just been launched. This 6th phase illustrates the success of the REPIC platform since its inception in 2004. It also shows the evolution of the tool, that adapted to the need of its partners and of the field overtime. This year, a new type of grant aiming to support the first steps of the commercialisation process of REPIC projects has been created (REPIC Rollout).

This novelty does not question the work of the REPIC platform in supporting pilot projects (REPIC Pilot). The example of the project aiming to set up a training program for solar panel installer in Bosnia and Herzegovina reflects REPIC’s approach. It uses the experience and solid network built during a previous project to pursue its goal. Similarly, REPIC is willing to use its knowledge, experience and network acquired over the years to keep supporting such innovating projects.

We welcome you to learn more about this project as well as the many others in the following newsletter. We are looking forward to discuss the challenges faced in the scale-up phase of such projects during the next REPIC event that will take place on November 30th 2022, in Bern.


Pierre Queloz
FOEN, member of the REPIC steering group

Information from the Secretariat

REPIC Rollout

The new REPIC Rollout instrument was presented as part of our Webinar on September 15, 2022, and followed by over 30 participants. Repic Rollout projects can be submitted now.


Annual REPIC event 2022

The annual REPIC event will take place on November 30, 2022. The main discussion will focus on: “How to succeed in commercialisation in growth markets?”. Presentations and workshops will offer key elements for a successful project commercialisation as well as hands on examples taken from ongoing REPIC projects. This event is also a unique networking opportunity, with over 100 participants expected to attend.

Detailed program and registration online.


OFF-GRID Expo + Conférence 2022

Stay informed about the latest trends in off-grid technologies at the OFF-GRID Expo + conference on December 1st and 2nd, 2022. Some companies will already offer exclusive training during the TechDay the day before the conference at the Augsburg Congress Center.

Information and tickets on : www.off-grid-expo.de

Conférence S-@ccess 2023

The 4th edition of the International Conference on Solar and Hybrid Mini-Grid Technologies has been announced. The event will take place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, April 26-28, 2023.

For more information: www.energy-access-conferences.com.

Neue Projekte

The SPF project aims to decarbonize the economy of the city of Cuenca with the help of a solar thermal system. It allows to highlight the technical feasibility of such an installation, reduces the use of fossil energy and illustrates its financial advantages. A transfer of know-how is implemented through theoretical and practical courses on the subject.

Pakka Kardianuts attempts to recycle the waste produced on cashew nut plantations. The technique (pyrolysis) consists in heating the organic waste at a high temperature to transform it biochar, which could be employed to fertilize the soil. The heat produced during the pyrolysis will be used for drying cashew. Eventually, the process could be adapted to other waste products. 

Composting of palm residues is a key point in the sustainable production of palm oil. FiBL proposes to combine two composting systems (traditional and lombri-composting) to adapt them to the waste treatment. The training of local partners in compost management and use will allow for a better independence of the smallholders.

Power-Blox plans to build a solar mushroom farm in Tanzania. An innovativephotovoltaic system and a battery will provide energy for the production facilities. Since mushrooms are particularly sensitive to their environment, one of the challenges of the project will be to precisely control the indoor temperature with an air conditioning system powered by solar energy.

Recently finalised projects

The Minergie standard has been successfully adapted to the Chilean context. A first residential building was fully certified, while a larger building met the criteria for pre-certification. The website https://www.minergie.cl/, launched in 2020, offers new visibility throughout the country and the South American continent.

The Swiss know-how transfer and trainings have greatly improved the compost production processes in the administrative region of Pérez Zeledón. The project has saved 270t CO2 per year and 50% of the compost produced could be sold. The community is now serving as a model and helping others to improve their installations. Videos and the final report of the project can be found here.

The project has developed the infrastructures for the collection, sorting and processing of plastic waste. A production unit transforms the waste into new objects, such as geometry sets or cups for collecting rubber. As a result, 75 jobs have been created and 50 young people have been trained. In total, 250 tons of waste were transformed. Other cities in the country have already shown interest for the approach. The final report is available here.

The lack of electricity in some of Serbia’s landfills makes it impossible to properly store and treat residual gas and leachate, which often results in air, soil and water pollution. In order to solve this problem, the “Auttonomous” system was designed by the Swiss company Hofstetter Gastechnick. It allows the gases to be burned safely in a generator to produce electricity. About 86’000 kWh are generated each year. The environmental impact of landfills is therefore drastically reduced. Details available in the final report.

In addition to the examples presented above, you will find an account of all our past and ongoing projects on our website : Repic  – Portfolio.

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