GFA Entec - Pakistan

Micro Hydro Power Resource & Services Center (MRSC)

Contract: 2016.04
Small Hydro Power

Micro Hydro Power Resource & Services Center (MRSC)

Project Type :

Pilot Project

Technology :

Small hydro power

Country :


Project State :


Project Start :

March 2016

End of Project :

Planned 2017

Partner :

GFA Entec, St. Gallen,, Thomas Meier

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Swiss Contribution

GFA Entec AG is a consulting company specialized in renewable energy development and rural electrification projects in developing and emerging countries. The project will be implemented by GFA Entec and its local Partner Hydrolink.


The project aims to improve the reliability and sustainability of power production from MHPs through the introduction of locally available systematic training and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services.

This project will set up a MHP Resource and Service Center in Chitral (MRSC) consisting of a workshop for major repair works of MHP equipment. It hosts training facilities for regular operator trainings and will maintain a MHP service infrastructure. Trained services technicians will be placed at 6 to 8 remote service points to provide preventive maintenance and basic repair services. MRSC will manage a stock of key spare parts to reduce downtimes. MRSC will be equipped with a mobile service unit to be called in from remote service points.