ZHAW - South Africa

LaundReCycle – A Water- and Energy Autarkic Laundromat

Contract: 2018.12
Resource Efficiency

LaundReCycle – A Water and Energy Autarkic Laundromat

Project Type:

Pilot Project


Resource Efficiency


South Africa

Project Status:


Project Start:

February 2019

End of Project:

Planned 2021


ZHAW Life Sciences und Facility Management, Wädenswil,, Ranka Junge


Swiss Contribution

ZHAW emphasizes a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to applied research on the sustainable use of natural resources in urban and rural environments and has broad expertise across several fields of study that are relevant for this project such as new sanitation systems, wetlands, renewable energy generation and zero-emission buildings.


The project will implement and evaluate a pilot of the LaundReCycle in Switzerland and a demonstrator in Cape Town. This laundromat will be nearly water and energy autonomous, thanks to its highly-efficient washing machines, its vertically constructed plant wall that treats the wastewater, its rainwater harvesting, as well as its photovoltaic system. The pilot plant will allow to configure the technical components of the system before the knowledge transfer and adaptation to South African conditions through local partners. The demonstrator in Cape Town will allow to assess the operational and financial viability, as well as the social acceptance and the potential for multiplication. At the same time, the project partners aim to establish a South African spin-off that will enter the market after finalizing the project.