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Swiss Know-how and Technology Transfer for Wastewater Treatment in Colombia

Contract: 2017.11
Resource Efficiency

Swiss Know-how and Technology Transfer for Wastewater Treatment in Colombia

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Education and Quality Insurance


Resource Efficiency



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Project Start:

November 2017

End of Project:

Planned 2019


ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Winterhur,, Peter Qvist-Sorensen, previously Ronny Siev

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Swiss Contribution

The ZHAW Center for Business in the Americas will establish a comprehensive training program for Colombian environmental engineers. Swiss experts in wastewater treatment and management from organizations (e.g. Wabag and EAWAG) located in the Canton of Zurich and its surrounding areas will transfer the know-how and technology.


In 2016, the Colombian Government passed two new laws affecting wastewater disposal and discharge. The new legislation has created a compliance pressure for, but not limited to, the following local industries: utilities, textiles, food and beverage production, mining, chemicals, oil and gas. There is a limited availability of new know-how required by the industries and municipalities in Colombia. The project seeks to transfer know-how and technologies from Switzerland to meet the new requirements. This need by the industry will be answered by training the National Center for Clean Production (CNPML) to help assist the local industries in finding solutions to comply with the new legislations. Upon completion of the training program, the CNPML will be able to offer consulting services to the main Colombian stakeholders (starting in Medellín) to improve the wastewater treatment in Colombia.