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Pyrolysis Based Coffee Drying in Vietnam

Contract: 2016.01
Resource Efficiency

Pyrolysis Based Coffee Drying in Vietnam

Project Type :

Establishment of Market Structures


Technology :

Resource Efficiency

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Project Status :


Projektstart :

March 2016


End of Project :

Planned 2018

Partners :

Sofies-Emac AG, Zurich,, Martin Fritsch, Hannes Zellweger
Ökozentrum Langenbruck,, Martin Schmid

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© Le Viet Hien Mechanical Company Ltd

Swiss Contribution

Sofies-Emac has expertise in the area of resource efficiency and clean production technologies (Cleaner Production) in food production, especially in the coffee and rice sectors. The Swiss Ökozentrum Langenbruck has many years of experience in the development of sustainable energy technologies and projects for developing countries. Both partners also developed the pyrolysis system prototype in a previous REPIC project (Contract 2013.05).


Presently, there is a modern major change, departing from traditional sun drying to artificial bed or tower driers using coffee hard shells as a heat source. However, these current burners are inefficient and cause heavy smoke emissions. At this point, pyrolysis can be introduced as a technology with high potential and high adaptability to tackle these problems, since it efficiently valorizes organic agricultural waste providing two main products: clean heat, which can be used for drying purposes and biochar, which can be applied as a soil enhancer.

This project supports the local manufacturing and market introduction of pyrolysis plants in the Vietnamese agricultural sector with a first focus on coffee cherry drying. After a first pilot unit constructed and evaluated by the Vietnamese manufacturer, first onsite units are to be implemented including on-site training. Biochar application is integrated in crop management as soil enhancer, different business cases are developed and promotion activities will take place.

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