Ressect - Kenya

Insect-based Animal Feed

 Contract: 2019.01
Resource Efficiency

Insect-based Animal Feed

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Resource Efficiency

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Project Status :


Project Start :

February 2019


End of Project :

Planned 2019

Partners :

Ressect GmbH, Zurich,, Levin Schmid

© Ressect
© Ressect

Swiss Contribution

Ressect has extensive knowledge in the insect production field, as well as in producing animal feed from insects. This Swiss company is responsible for project management and know-how transfer.


Ever increasing poultry production and greater aquaculture expansion are increasing the demand for animal feed. In Kenya, depending on the region, there is little or no access to animal feed (fishmeal, for example).
The Ressect Company plans to promote insect-based, animal feed production. Expertise in insect production is provided through a knowledge platform and local helpers. Additionally, a starter kit (shelf construction for keeping black soldier fly larvae) is provided, with which farmers can utilize their waste for insect production. A digital trading platform compatible with mobile phones for marketing produced insects will be set up, too.
At the same time, the project also counteracts the continuously increasing waste problems with economic drivers. Through this simple insect production process, the rural population should be positively convinced of this new, economical cultivation method. The scientific institute “International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology” and the animal feed business “Agro Organics” are involved as Kenyan partners in this project.