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Pilot Production of Cocoa Pulp Use through Solar Energy

Contract: 2018.05
Resource Efficiency

Pilot Production of Cocoa Pulp Use through Solar Energy

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Pilot Project


Resource Efficiency



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Project Start:

April 2018

End of Project:

Planned 2020


Koa Switzerland GmbH, Zürich,, Anian Schreiber

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Swiss Contribution

The technology and process development of the use of cocoa pulp is being carried out by Koa Switzerland GmbH. The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) contributes its expertise in food processing for the production, storage and transport of cocoa bean juice.


By using solar energy, high efficiency electrical engineering and marketable food processing methods, cocoa pulp (10-15% of the cocoa fruit) can be extracted. Until recently, cocoa pulp was treated as waste. However, now juice is pressed from this pulp on farms under hygienic conditions then stored safely. Based on an existing prototype, solar powered mobile extraction stations, a complete cold chain and a regional processing center will be set up. In cooperation with the Cocoa Research Institute Ghana (CRIG), a guideline and training materials for use at the facilities will be prepared. Suitable cooperatives for the pilot production will be selected from the CRIG network.