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Tuzla resource conservation

 Contract: 2016.07
Resource Efficiency

Tuzla Resource Conservation

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Resource Efficiency

Country :

Bosnia Herzegovina


Project Status :


Projektstart :

March 2016


End of Project :

Planned 2018

Partners :

Förderverein Centar za ekologiju i energiju (CEE) Tuzla, Basel,,
Matthias Zimmermann

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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss CEE Tuzla Association has many years of experience in the technical and financial support of projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and resource efficiency in Eastern Europe. In recent years, the Association has established a close partnership and intensive exchanges of expertise with the local CEE Energy Center.


Up until now, no functioning separate/sorted waste collection with recycling could be established in Tuzla. This project’s main focus is on the solution to waste problems (waste separation/sorting, recycling, composting and recovery of residual waste).

A waste/recycling concept will be elaborated upon in a first phase within this project’s framework with the help of a newly formed waste/recycling platform consisting of relevant experts from the city of Tuzla, accompanied by CEE’s and Swiss experts. In a second phase, a pilot recycling collection system (including decentralized composting) shall be launched and tested in the Kula District. Accompanying measures in the areas of thermal insulation in buildings and district heating shall be realized in cooperation with the city, as well.  Once this REPIC project has been completed, the new waste/recycling project shall be multiplied in other city districts.

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