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Water Thanks to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe


Contract: 2018.09

Water Thanks to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe

Project Type :

Infrastructure oriented project


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Project Status :


Project Start :

June 2018


End of Project :

Planned 2020

Partners :

Swissenergy-Solutions International GmbH, Grimisuat,, Sylvain Grange

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© Swissenergy-Solutions

Swiss Contribution

Swissenergy-Solutions Ltd. offers its combined services in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and renewable energy project management in Africa. Its South African subsidiary handles logistics, quality assurance and operation management issues throughout periods of construction. ABB and the Swiss Pump Company Ltd. are part of the equipment suppliers.


Zimbabwe is a country that has been devastated by 40 years of chronic economic crises. This project proposes to help farmers and schools in Zimbabwe, the two pillars of a possible exit from the crisis, to maintain their activities by securing water access. Swissenergy-Solutions Ltd., through the creation of an association known as ZIMREA (Zimbabwe Renewable Energy Association), will grant mini-credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Three specific projects (Falcon College, Bryden Country School and a farm in Kadoma) deemed as urgent, but offering good guarantees, were selected to start this program. Pumping systems, powered by photovoltaic modules, will be installed. Collaborations with schools offer the opportunity to set up awareness training for students. Free block courses will also be provided to volunteer farmers in order to train them in new technologies; particularly in the field of water pumping.