Skat - IEA PVPS Task 9

IEA PVPS Task 9: Photovoltaic Services for Developing Countries (PVSDC) Swiss Contribution


Contract: 2015.11

IEA PVPS Task 9: Photovoltaic Services for Developing Countries (PVSDC)

Swiss Contribution

Project Type :

Pilot Project

Technology :


Country :


Project State :


Project Start :

October 2015 (current working period)

End of Project :

Planned February 2017 (current working period)

Partner :

Skat Consulting Ltd, St.Gallen, , Hedi Feibel;
INFRAS Research and Consulting,, Stefan Kessler



Swiss Contribution

The project team has many years of experience in development cooperation. Their high-level expertise in renewable energy and in non-technical areas represents a significant contribution to this project.


On the basis of comprehensive, worldwide experience with photovoltaic power systems in developing countries, this network endeavors to increase successfully and sustainably operated photovoltaic systems for various purposes. The international group of experts has a broad range of project experience in this field. The group of experts maintains permanent contact with several international development organizations by the status of its international network projects.

The 2013/2014 work period focused on building new partnerships with organizations and financial services providers, to strengthen innovative business models and financing mechanisms for the dissemination of PV solutions.

The new work period shall increasingly focus on the use of photovoltaics in mini-grids and grid-connected systems in developing countries. To this end, exchanges with relevant international partners, as well as the dissemination/communication should be further strengthened.


The most relevant IEA PVPS information and publications are available at:

The major and the most recent Task 9 publications are:

  • A User Guide to Simple Monitoring and Sustainable Operation of PV-diesel Hybrid Systems; Handbook for System Users and Operators IEA-PVPS T9-16:2015
  • PV Systems for Rural Health Facilities in Developing Areas, IEA-PVPS T9-15: 2014
  • Innovative Business Models and Financing Mechanism for PV Deployment in Emerging Regions, IEA-PVPS T9-14:2014
  • Rural Electrification with PV Hybrid Systems, IEA-PVPS T9-13:2013
  • Pico Solar PV Systems for Remote Homes, IEA-PVPS T9-12:2012