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New Training Program: “Advanced Solar Training”

 Contract: 2016.09

New Training Program: “Advanced Solar Training”

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :


Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

April 2016


End of Project :

Planned 2018

Partners :

Sahay Solar Association Switzerland, Basel,, Ruedi Tobler
SUPSI/ISAAC, Canobbio,, Domenico Chianese, Roman Rudel

© Sahay Solar
© Sahay Solar

Swiss Contribution

The theoretical and practical training of Ethiopian professionals in the solar technology field is provided by Swiss experts (SUPSI/ISAAC) at the Arba Minch University (AMU) in Ethiopia. Swiss (e.g. Studer, Tritec, Holinger Solar) and EU companies (SMA, Hoeppecke, Christiani) undertake the supply and delivery of required solar technology components for training, as well for PV installations at rural health centers. Sahay Solar supports and ensures the project management, based on their extensive experience.


The project’s key objectives are the training and establishment of three fixed solar teams who can electrify 100% autonomous health centers and other locations with off-grid PV solar installations (planning, logistics, installation, control and hand over to public authorities). For this purpose and in addition to theoretical instruction under expert guidance, a total of 12 rural health centers will be electrified by these solar teams, in order to further enhance acquired practical knowledge and to gain the necessary experience in order to carry out independent projects. REPIC had previously supported a first step for this work in 2009/2010 (Project No: 2010.02), which included the Solar Competence Center’s development at the AMU, as well as training for students and technicians within the framework of solar training and practical projects.