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Solar Education in Ghana

 Contract: 2017.08

Solar Education in Ghana

Project Type :

Education and quality assurance


Technology :


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Project Status :


Project Start :

September 2017


End of Project :

Planned 2020

Partners :

PurePower Solutions GmbH, Fehraltorf, Werner Frei

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Swiss Contribution

PurePower Solutions GmbH is responsible for the general project management. The Swiss dual education system will be implemented, linking theoretical background to practical experience. Swiss technology developed by Swissembedded GmbH and by Studer Innotec AG will be supplied within this project. Auditors will be trained to inspect and certify solar installations according to the naturmade-Basic®, naturmade-Star®, and the FairTrade Energy® labels.


In Ghana, the electrical grid provides relatively good access to electricity. However, over the years, demand for electricity has been steadily growing while carrying capacity of the local lines and production has not been keeping pace. Compared to cheap diesel generators, solar energy is much cheaper when calculated over the equipment’s service life. Although, a solar solution requires technical expertise. In Tumu (Ghana, Upper West Region), a training and competence centre for solar installers and system designers will firstly be established. The second phase objective of the project is to train local personnel as trainers and energy auditors who will keep the training centre running independently by the time the project has been completed. For the training, an existing pilot plant will be equipped with data acquisition equipment for monitoring system performance and recording meteorological data.