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Virtual Mini-Grid - Leveraging the Power of Solar and Batteries in Zambia


Contract: 2018.02

Virtual Mini-Grid - Leveraging the Power of Solar and Batteries in Zambia

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :


Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

January 2018


End of Project :

Planned 2019

Partners :

MPower Ventures AG, Zurich,, Manuel Seiffe, Michael Eschmann

MPower_IMG_20171218_115917_web.jpg© MPower

© MPower

Swiss Contribution

MPower Ventures AG is based in Zurich, as a part of the South Pole Group, at the Technopark Zurich. The company is developing the software for the EnergyHUB in-house and is partnering with a European technology supplier to build the solar container. Finally, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is supporting the battery component’s conceptualization and implementation.


A large share of the population in Zambia and in Sub-Sahara Africa in general are still without access to the grid. MPower Ventures’ EnergyHUB consists of a “plug & play” modular solar container that is used as a charging station, charging battery units to be rented out to households or small businesses. The solar powered batteries provide lighting, power radios and TVs and enable mobile phone charging. Larger battery packs provide electricity to power additional appliances and tools for private households or small businesses. The product includes a financing package that allows the clients to pay the system with fuel savings. MPower Ventures plans first to launch its product in Zambia and then to expand into neighbouring countries, thanks to an innovative franchise model to provide energy and related services.