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Energy Inclusion as a Community-Centred Driver of Development

 Contract: 2020.07

Energy Inclusion as a Community-Centred Driver of Development

Project Type :

Pilot Project


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Project Status :


Project Start :

June 2020


End of Project :

Planned 2023

Partners :

Fastenopfer, Lucerne,, David Knecht

© Fastenopfer
© Fastenopfer

Swiss Contribution

The Swiss NGO Fastenopfer has proven expertise in developing and accompanying community owned financial structures, an important element of its interventions in 14 countries since the 1990s.


For rural farming communities, the instability of electrical energy has become a bottleneck in the implementation of new technology necessary for production, conservation and food processing. The project seeks to prove that a community-centred development approach using energy as a driver of change improves living conditions. This will be implemented in three Colombian indigenous territories: Palma Alta, Hilarquito and Tamirco, belonging to the Pijao people. Selected solar energy solutions (cooling, incubator, water pumping and electric fences) linked to productive processes will be installed as pilot projects. In parallel, local capacities for the administration and maintenance of these energy services will be built. Based on these experiences, it is planned to develop integrated and inclusive business models for clean energy services. A linkage will be done with an adapted version of an already existing community-owned micro-finance structure (fondo rotatorio) allowing scaling-up and replication at regional levels with a special focus on youth and women.