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Salt Battery for Rural Electrification

 Contract: 2020.08

Salt Battery for Rural Electrification

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :


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Project Status :


Project Start :

May 2020


End of Project :

Planned 2021

Partners :

Antenna Foundation, Geneva,, Joël Jeanloz

© Antenna Foundation
© Antenna Foundation

Swiss Contribution

The Antenna Foundation has over 30 years of experience in development cooperation and has created affordable photovoltaic applications, suitable business and financing models, well-functioning distribution systems, as well as other projects. African Solar Generation ASG, a Swiss-Cameroonian company with many years of experience, is the partner company in Cameroon.


Autonomous photovoltaic systems with battery storage are already widespread in developing and emerging countries. However, usually lead or lithium batteries are used with these systems. Such batteries’ operating conditions are very demanding; often with high temperatures and humidity, which frequently lead to negative effects on service life. At the same time, many regions lack functioning e‑waste management and recycling systems for these technical components. 

Within this pilot project’s framework, innovative, environmentally friendly and robust salt battery storage systems from the Swiss company Innovenergy are being used. These storage systems have already proven themselves in a wide range of applications. This project will provide important, collective operating experience for further dissemination of this technology in demanding climatic conditions.