Photovoltaics (Ongoing Projects)

Candi solar - India

Indian SME Rooftops

Carbotech - Burkina Faso

Artistes-Eclairs – Innovative Photovoltaic Products’ Distribution Channel in Burkina Faso

EPFL-IMT - Senegal

Quality and Test Center for Photovoltaics

HES-SO - Burkina Faso

Autonomous Microgrid Optimized in Bigtogo

MPower - Zambia

Virtual Mini-Grid - Leveraging the Power of Solar and Batteries in Zambia

PurePower Solutions - Ghana

Solar Education in Ghana

Sahay Solar - Ethiopia

New Training Program: “Advanced Solar Training”

Shanti Schweiz - Bangladesh

RESI – RSUF Electrical Skill Improvement

Skat - IEA PVPS Task 9

IEA PVPS Task 9: Photovoltaic Services for Developing Countries (PVSDC) Swiss Contribution

Solafrica - Cameroon

Solar Square: A Community‐based Distribution and Leasing System for Pico‐powered Solar Lighting Systems

Swissenergy-Solutions - Zimbabwe

Water Thanks to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe

Zenna - Belize

Proof of concept: Smart Solar Off-Grid

Zenna - Belize II

Solar Education Belize