IDE-E - Tunisia

Network of Allied Cities for Climate and Energy Transition (Rev’ACTE)

Contract: 2018.07
Energy Efficiency

Network of Allied Cities for Climate and Energy Transition (Rev’ACTE)

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

November 2018


End of Project :

Planned 2020

Partners :

Institute for Development, Environment and Energy (IDE-E), Reinach,, Caroline Huwiler

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Swiss Contribution

The approach of the Middle East & Africa Energy Award (based on the Swiss Energy City label), which was introduced in Morocco in 2012 and in Tunisia in 2018, will be further consolidated. Swiss technologies and approaches (e.g. EnerCoach, the eco-neighbourhood concept, 2000Watt sites, waste management and recycling, citizen participation) will serve as inspiration to the future cities of the network. IDE-E provides the overall coordination of activities as well as technical energy management expertise.


The “Network of Allied Cities for Climate and Energy Transition” (Rev’ACTE) aims at networking and horizontal exchange among committed cities. The actions supported within this framework will not only concern estate energy management (e.g. public lighting, buildings, the fleet in circulation), but also - following the local elections in May 2018 – the sustainable management of territory; in particular, urban mobility and waste-to-energy ventures. This project should facilitate the South-South cooperation among Maghreb cities in a progressive way and stimulate a dynamic regional exchange that is more systematic and sustainable.