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Energy City of Cuenca: a participative municipal planning tool to bolster the energy transition in Ecuador

Contract: 2018.18
Energy Efficiency

Energy City of Cuenca: a Participative Municipal Planning Tool to Bolster the Energy Transition in Ecuador

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Energy Efficiency

Country :



Project State :


Project Start :

January 2019


End of Project :

Planned 2020

Partners :

EBP AG, Zurich,,, Nicola Borregaard

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Swiss Contribution

Ciudad Energética is a local adaptation of the Energiestadt (Energy City) label, which was developed in Switzerland in 1992. This label is a proof of achievement for municipalities that implement sustainable municipal energy policies. A knowledge transfer will be carried out between the Swiss project stakeholders (EBP and ENCO companies) and the local and regional stakeholders involved.


The city of Cuenca has been experiencing an important demographic growth in recent years. Additionally, its commitment to sustainable development is challenged by problems such as traffic congestion, air pollution and a lack of concrete projects for implementation in energy efficiency and renewable energy areas. The aim is to establish the institutional and technical bases for energy efficiency/renewable energy promotion and development in this municipality with the possibility of scaling up to all of Ecuador. The project will adapt and implement the Energy City tool in the city of Cuenca. It will support local actors to carry out the Energy City process (energy diagnosis and action plan) and will establish a local multi-actor institutional framework to foster Energy City in the town beyond the project. Furthermore, it will materialize one or two concrete ‘early victory projects’ in collaboration with the private sector and provide a roadmap for the development of Energy City at the national level.