Planair - Mali II

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali – 2nd Phase

Contract: 2016.10

Energetic Potential Valorization for Proliferating Water Plants in Mali – 2nd Phase

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August 2016


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Planned 2019

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Planair SA, La Sagne,, Pierre Renaud, Martine Felber
ERA International, Geneva,, Roger Michel

© Planair
© Planair

Swiss Contribution

Planair Ltd. is an engineering firm specializing in energy and environmental issues. Its contribution lies both in the technical and administrative areas due to its expertise in energy issues and experience in the management of complex projects. The Swiss NGO, ERA International, is supporting the project with its local network developed during its more than 10-year presence in Mali.


The “Utilisation of the Proliferating Water Plants in Mali’s Energetic Potential” project provides for the use of the water hyacinth as the main substrate for fermentation. The objective is to contribute to the rehabilitation of the affected river flows, which will lead to improvements in the areas of shipping, fishing and hydroelectric power stations. The produced biogas is converted into electricity and heat at a combined power station. The power is then made available to craftsmen, small businesses and inhabitants in the capital. The fermentation residues (digestates) can be used as natural fertilizer.

REPIC has already supported the feasibility study (Contract Number: 2009.05). With the second phase that follows, the preliminary project will be carried out, creating the necessary basis for the investment decision. Among other efforts, the legal and administrative structures for the facility’s construction and operation are drawn up, the training of the workforce is organized and the financial plan is confirmed. Additionally, a substrate study is undertaken, which confirms the planned fermentation process with water hyacinths.