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Domestic Biogas Digesters in Haiti

Contract: 2013.01

Domestic Biogas Digesters in Haiti

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Pilot Project


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Foundation Myclimate, Zürich,, Martin Jenk;
Foundation Aidha, Arconciel,, Luckner St-Dic

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Swiss Contribution

The non-profit foundation myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership, is an international initiative with Swiss origins. Founded in 2002 as an ETH Zurich spinoff, myclimate is among the world leaders when it comes to voluntary carbon offsetting measures. In the framework of this REPIC project, myclimat is working in cooperation with the Aidha Foundation, is responsible for the project’s implementation in Haiti, and in cooperation with the Indian NGO SKG Sangha (, is responsible for the know how transfer to Haiti.


Haitians in rural, as well as in urban areas, cook mostly on inefficient open fires in the front or their houses using wood or charcoal. The continuous demand for wood leads to an increasing deforestation, resulting in progressive soil erosion.

Myclimate established a longstanding cooperation with the Indian NGO SKG Shanga. SKG Sangha has 20 years’ experience in the implementation of small biogas digesters for the gas supply of one to three households. SKG Sangha developed and optimized this type of bio gas technology over the years, corresponding to the specific needs of the users.

The main goal of this REPIC project is to ensure the know how transfer from India to Haiti. In a first phase, 10 pilot biogas digesters will be constructed and tested under the leadership of SKG Shanga supported by myclimate and Aidha. The digesters’ design will be adapted to the local needs based on the results of phase 1, if necessary. During the 2nd project phase, the Aidha Foundation will realize a first series of 40 biogas digesters supervised by SKG Sangha.