EREP SA - Benin

Biogas Derived from Waste and Water Hyacinths for Domestic Use

Contract: 2014.11

Biogas Derived from Waste and Water Hyacinths for Domestic Use

Project Type :

Feasibility Study and Pilot Project


Technology :


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Project Status :


Project Start :

January 2015


End of Project :

Planned 2019

Partners :

EREP SA, Aclens,, Yves Membrez


Swiss Contribution

This project, which was initiated by EREP’s local partners, ACED (, and is headed by EREP, a Swiss design and consultancy company with extensive expertise in the treatment and recycling of waste and organic waste water, as well as in the biogas production field. Additionally, EREP represents the Biogas Competence Center in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.


The following needs have been identified as urgent:

  • Access to energy for households; and at the same time it relieves the strain on forest use, it counteracts climate change and improves living conditions for women and children.
  • Decrease in the spread of water hyacinths; so that socio-economic activities can evolve (aquatic ecological diversity conservation, fisheries, tourism, agricultural products sales, etc.).
  • Sustainable management of household waste; which improves living conditions, as well as the population’s health.

The project aims to utilize water hyacinths and organic domestic waste energy in the form of biogas, and to make this renewable source of energy available to the local population, instead of using fire wood. Two sub-projects are planned in order to achieve these objectives: A feasibility study and the implementation of a pilot plant. In the feasibility study, the existing technologies are adapted to local conditions in Benin and technical solutions that permit biogas transport to the consumer are analysed. For the pilot plant implementation, the developed solution is realized, and shall include material collection, biogas production in a fermentation plant and the utilization of both the biogas and fermented material.