Bioburn - Uganda

Energy from Biomass by the Use of Bioburn® Pelletsystem

Contract: 2016.12

Energy from Biomass by the Use of Bioburn® Pelletsystem

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :


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Project Status :


Project Start  :

July 2016


End of Project :

Planned 2020

Partner :

Bioburn AG, Zell (LU),, Florian Studer

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Swiss Contribution

Bioburn is a Swiss social for-profit enterprise working in the renewable energy market. Bioburn® developed the internationally patented bioburn® pelletizing technology that allows economic transformation of wet biomass into dry fuel pellets). The balance between economic, economic as well as social and ethical values is the corporate approach of Bioburn for the realization of sustainable projects.


The main goal of this project is to develop new ways of producing biofuel. This project implements new technology of processing wet biomass and agricultural residual into biofuel-pellets and will transfer proven Swiss technology to a new context in rural and peri-urban Uganda. It will benefit from experience gained within the REPIC project „Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala SEEK“ (2014.05). Wet unused biomass and agricultural residuals will be transformed into marketable biofuel-pellets. The biofuel-pellets will be produced on-site, where the biomass is harvested and sold to peri-urban and urban areas, where there is high demand for biofuel. As the pellets are locally produced the project will generate value in terms of employment and income, as well as it will provide people with cheap cooking-fuel and protect forests from deforestation.