Ongoing Projects

Biomass (Ongoing Projects)

EBP_BM - Chile

District Heating Systems as a Solution for Air Pollution in Southern Chile’s Cities

OekoSolve - Chile

Swiss Fine Dust Filters for Chilean Wood Stoves

Renergon - India

Waste to Energy Bio-CNG Project Patiala

Energy Efficiency (Ongoing Projects)

Caritas - Haiti

Solution Approach for Climate Change at the Catchment Area “Carrefour /Léogâne”

IDE-E - Tunisia

Network of Allied Cities for Climate and Energy Transition (Rev’ACTE)

Minergie - Chile

Introduction of the Swiss Minergie Building Standard in Chile

Nereid - South Africa

Solar Thermal Zero Discharge Desalination

Swiss Fresh Water - Bolivia

Water Kiosks in Bolivia

Zenna - Thailand

Solar Powered E-longtail Boat

Geothermal (Ongoing Projects)

University of Geneva - Mexico

The Domo San Pedro Geothermal Simulation (DOS PEGAS)

Small Hydropower (Ongoing Projects)

Photovoltaics (Ongoing Projects)

Antenna - Cameroon

Salt Battery for Rural Electrification

Candi solar - India

Indian SME Rooftops

Ecosys - Chile

Photovoltaic Solar Cooperative Model for Low-Income Households

EPFL-IMT - Senegal

Quality and Test Center for Photovoltaics

Fastenopfer - Colombia

Energy Inclusion as a Community-Centred Driver of Development

First Climate - Argentina

Climate Finance for Distributed Renewable Energy in Rural Argentina

HES-SO - Ivory Coast

Autonomous Microgrid Optimized

Offgrid - Kenya

Innovative Solar PV Mini-grid with Circular Economy Hub and Community Empowerment

Power-Blox - Mali

Solarpower for Mali

PurePower Solutions - Ghana

Solar Education in Ghana

Shanti Schweiz - Bangladesh

RESI – RSUF Electrical Skill Improvement

Swissenergy-Solutions - Zimbabwe

Water Thanks to Solar Energy in Zimbabwe

Venture South - East Africa

East Africa Smallholder Productive Use Lending

Resource Efficiency (Ongoing Projects)

E[co]work Association - India

E[co]work, a co-working space adapted to the informal e-waste recycling sector

Fair Recycling - Liberia

Plastic Recycling Project

Hofstetter Gastechnik - Serbia

Integrated Dumpsite Solution

Myclimate - Kenya (West)

Resource Efficiency and Waste Management for Off-grid Solar Products in Kenya

Myclimate - Nepal

E-Waste Management in Kathmandu

Skat - Costa Rica

Sustainable Management of Organic Municipal Waste in the Municipality of Pérez Zeledón

Sofies-Emac - Peru

Added Value of Coffee Waste in Peru

SOPAS - Benin

Retrofit for converting hand pumps into solar pumping systems with tap stations

ZHAW - South Africa

LaundReCycle – A Water- and Energy Autarkic Laundromat

Solar Thermal (Ongoing Projects)

Wind (Ongoing Projects)

Diverse (Ongoing Projects)

connecting spaces - Nepal

Madi Eco-Village: Self-sustainable, clean, community-based eco-tourism development in Chitwan District, Nepal

EBP - Chile

Energy Inclusion Program – Renca

HEIG-VD - Cameroon

Rural Energy Platform

University of Geneva - Mexico

The Domo San Pedro Geothermal Simulation (DOS PEGAS)

ZHAW - Cambodia

Sun-Oxygen-System: Energy Efficient Fishpond Aeration Enhancing Integrated Small-scale Farming in Cambodia