Ongoing Projects

Biomass (Ongoing Projects)


Energy from Biomass by the Use of Bioburn® Pelletsystem

Eawag - Uganda

Sludge to Energy Enterprises in Kampala (SEEK)

EBP - Uzbekistan

Biogas from Agricultural Waste in the Aral Sea Basin

EREP SA - Benin

Biogas Derived from Waste and Water Hyacinths for Domestic Use

myclimate - Haiti

Domestic Biogas Digesters in Haiti

Nouvelle Planète - Vietnam

Biogas Plants in Six Mekong Delta Villages

Diverse (Ongoing Projects)

ASS-UDM - Cameroon

Training Center for Alternative Energies (CEFOREA)

EBP - Brazil

Região Energética Maraú

Vela Solaris - China

Renewable Energy Training and Certificate «RETAC»

Energy Efficiency (Ongoing Projects)

Amstein und Walthert - Senegal

« Oua_casa / maison urbaine africaine »


Energy in Construction in Chile


Introducing Energy Performance Certificates for the Ukraine housing stock

Swiss Fresh Water - Bolivia

Water Kiosks in Bolivia

Topten - Chile

Topten Chile

Torrex - Philippines

Sustainable E-Cab System for City Transport

Geothermal (Ongoing Projects)

Small Hydro Power (Ongoing Projects)

GFA Entec Pakistan

Micro Hydro Power Resource & Services Center (MRSC)

PamirLink - Tadzhikistan

Technology and Know How Transfer for Small Hydro Power: A Pilot Project in the Pamir Region, Tadzhikistan

Photovoltaics (Ongoing Projects)

Carbotech - Burkina Faso

Artistes-Eclairs – Innovative Photovoltaic Products’ Distribution Channel in Burkina Faso

Dasag - India

Tiny Grids for Very Basic Electricity Needs

Skat - IEA PVPS Task 9

IEA PVPS Task 9: Photovoltaic Services for Developing Countries (PVSDC) Swiss Contribution

Solafrica - Cameroon

Solar Square: A Community‐based Distribution and Leasing System for Pico‐powered Solar Lighting Systems

Venture South International Kenya

Kenyan Solar Lending

Weconnex - Nepal

Nexus Center Nepal

Zenna - Belize

Proof of concept: Smart Solar Off-Grid

Resource Efficiency (Ongoing Projects)


Waste Biomass to Charcoal Briquettes in Tanzania

Förderverein CEE Bosnia Herzegovina


Solar Thermal (Ongoing Projects)

Wind (Ongoing Projects)