CEAS - Madagascar II

Small Hydro Power in Madagascar

Contract: 2012.03
Small Hydro Power

Small Hydro Power in Madagascar

Project Type :

Pilot Project

Technology :

Small Hydro Power

Country :


Project Status :


Project Start :

October 2012

End of Project :

March 2016

Partner :

CEAS Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer,Neuchâtel,,
Daniel Schneider

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Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partner has extensive experience with training projects in developing countries. Additionally, Swiss small hydro power technology shall be used.


The Pico hydro turbines developed in a previous CEAS project were installed at nine locations in Madagascar. These turbines meet electricity demands at the family level. In this project, Robust and durable Pico turbines that are oriented to a higher output of 3-10 kW shall be developed, in order to meet electricity demands at the community or village level.

The three pilot sites should be equipped with Pico turbines in three stages: At the first location, the turbine which has already been installed shall be enhanced by the ADEVE partner; a second site shall be equipped with a turbine which has been partly manufactured in Madagascar. At the third site, a Pico turbine that has been completely manufactured in Madagascar shall be installed at the project’s end.

A specially equipped workshop shall be built for this turbine manufacturing. Malagasy staff is then trained to correctly size the material and to be able to manufacture small hydro turbines in Madagascar. A special socio-economic approach is applied to each site, in parallel. Based on payment for the electricity, a fund for the equipment’s operational care and maintenance shall be ensured through the payment for electricity generated.


The Final Report, “Projet Pico-hydroelectricite - Programme d’appui technique Madagascar” as well as the study “Etude socioéconomique de l’électrification au moyen de pico-turbines hydroélectriques en milieu rural malgache”, is available at