NEK - Kosovo II

Pilot Project Windpark in Kosovo – Feasibility Study

Contract: 2011.15

Pilot Project Windpark in Kosovo – Feasibility Study

Project Type :

Feasibility Study


Technology :

Wind Energy

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Partner :

NEK Umwelttechnik AG,, Christoph Kapp, Stefan Schneeberger

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Swiss Contribution

The NEK Umwelttechnik Ltd. engineering company has a huge know-how in the wind energy field and respective experiences in wind energy projects in several countries.


The feasibility study for the development of a wind energy pilot project in Kosovo is a follow-up to an already carried out study, “Feasibility Study Wind Energy in Kosovo,” which had been supported by REPIC and resulted in a wind resource map for Kosovo. The aim of this new project is to evaluate the technical and financial feasibility with regard to realization of a wind park on an already chosen, adequate site (“Zatric”, near Rahovec in the Southwest of Kosovo). Detailed wind measurements on this site will be necessary on hub height, as well as additional assessments of accessibility, grid connection and availability of areas. During this project phase interested investors shall be gained for a later realization of the project or for potential follow-up projects.


The Final Report, „Feasability Study Wind Park Zatric“ and the „Detailed Results Feasability Study Wind Park Zatric“, are available at