NEK - Kosovo I

Feasibility Study Wind Energy, Kosovo

Contract: 2009.04
Wind Energy

Feasibility Study Wind Energy, Kosovo

Project Type :

Feasibility Study


Technology :

Wind Energy

Country :



Project State :


Partner :

FNEK Umwelttechnik AG, Zürich,, Christoph Kapp


Swiss Contribution

Swiss expertise in wind park planning will be the basis of this project, which is supported by local partners.


To date, the potential of renewable energies has hardly been used in Kosovo. Two coal fired plants with out of date technology produce about 98% of the country’s electricity. The undersupply of electricity is an additional issue. However, the most recent developments in Kosovo show the willingness of the government to promote renewable energies. A feed-in tariff for electricity from renewable energies has been decided upon and the share of renewable energies for the total electricity production shall reach 15% in 2015.

In a first phase of the project, the relevant framework conditions and existing data shall be analyzed. In the second phase, wind measurements shall be conducted in qualified regions. The results can then be used to create regional wind maps. The maps shall lead to the identification of priority sites for wind energy projects and enable predictions on the projects’ cost effectiveness. The third phase (not a part of the REPIC project), consists of developing a pilot project with additional specific wind measurements.


The Final Report, „Wind Resource Assessment, Kosovo“, is available at