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Feasibility Study for Wind Park in El Crucero, Nicaragua

Contract: 2006.02

Feasibility Study for Wind Park in El Crucero, Nicaragua

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Feasibility Study

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METEOTEST, Bern,, Stefan Kunz, Beat Schaffner

ENCO Energie-Consulting Ltd., Liestal,, Robert Horbaty

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Swiss Contribution

Swiss experience in wind measurements, wind modelling and wind park planning is the basis for this project which includes cooperation with interested local wind park partners.


A first wind condition mapping project in Nicaragua was conducted by a Swiss-Nicaraguan consortium in the period from October 2003 to July 2005. The resulting wind map shows a potential of 760 MW, of which 160 MW alone could be immediately developed in the El Crucero region. The measured average wind speed at turbine height amounts to around 9 m/s in this region, making it one of the most interesting sites for wind energy production in Central America. This study work’s main objective was to present a workable wind park pilot project in the multi-megawatt range.


The Final Report, “Wind Park Feasibility Study for El Crucero, Nicaragua,” is available at