Mad Eole - Madagascar I

Development of a Commercial and Industrial Wind Center in Diego-Suarez

Contract: 2005.02

Development of a Commercial and Industrial Wind Center in Diego-Suarez

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Infrastructure Oriented Project


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Partner :

Mad’Eole Association Switzerland, Olten,, Stefan Frey

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Swiss Contribution

Swiss experience in wind energy planning as well as in training and promotion of local know-how with respect to renewable energies, form the basis of this project. There is a broad partnership with appropriate local partner institutions in this project.


Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez), at Madagascar’s northern tip, is a regional center for wind energy which supplies the Western Indian Ocean market (Madagascar, as the main market) with technologically advanced, partly locally produced wind energy plants and know-how. To this end, the Malagasy Pvt.Ltd. (Mad’Eole Ltd.) was founded as a service company, which, as a general contractor, supplies complete system solutions for network operation. Furthermore, a local non-profit organization was founded in order to supply rural areas outside of existing networks, and as a partner for donors from the North. A first implementation for a pilot rural village’s electrification shall take place.


The Final Report, “15 Dörfer Pilotwindregion Diego-Suarez (Madagaskar)”, is available at