Mad Eole - Madagascar II

15 villages pilot wind region Diego-Suarez (Madagascar), 1st phase

Contract: 2008.07
Wind Energy

15 villages pilot wind region Diego-Suarez (Madagascar), 1st phase

Project Type :

Infrastructure Orientated Project


Technology :

Wind Energy

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Partner :

Förderverein Mad’Eole Schweiz, Olten,, Stefan Frey

© Mad‘Eole
© Mad‘Eole

Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partner has long standing experience with the planning and implementation of wind energy projects in Madagascar and a vast network of local partners.


The electrification of the pilot village Sahasifotra by means of wind energy has proven the technical and economical feasibility of such a project in Northern Madagascar.

Now a whole region (15 rural villages) shall be electrified. The REPIC project thereby covers the electrification of 3 villages, whereas the primary energy source will be wind with diesel generators as a back-up. The goals of the project are a reduction of the migration into cities through local income generation due to the electrification and the strengthening of social structure in the village communities. Simultaneously, the know-how in the existing institutions (advanced technical college, technical university, industry and trade) shall be strengthened and broadened.


The Final Report, „15 Dörfer Pilotwindregion Diego-Suarez (Madagaskar)“, is available at