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Con Dao Wind Energy Project: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant


Contract: 2009.03
Wind Energy

Con Dao Wind Energy Project: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant

Projekt Type :

Infrastructure Orientated Project

Technology :

Wind Energy

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Partner : Solutions AG, Cham, , Dominik Reiner


Swiss Contribution

The Swiss partner, with long standing experience in Vietnam, develops and coordinates the project.


Con Dao is an archipelago in the Southeast of Vietnam, about 100 km off the mainland. The energy for the population (5,000 inhabitants), the tourism infrastructure and the industry (mainly ice production for the fishery) are to date, produced with diesel generators.

The aim of the project is to substitute wind energy in place of diesel consumption in certain parts and thus lower the CO2 and noise emissions. Vietnam’s first wind park shall also help to secure the island’s energy supply at a steady price for the next few years. The technical challenge of the Con Dao project consists of reaching a high penetration of the relatively small island grid with variable wind energy. A successful implementation of the project could then become a showcase for the Southeast Asian region (along with Vietnam; mainly Cambodia and Laos).

REPIC co-finances preparatory activities, particularly the collection of the necessary data basis for operation (wind data, geological data, etc.). Additionally, an analysis for a small pump storage lake, which could serve as a daily energy storage on a medium-term, will be co-financed.


The Final Report, „Con Dao Windenergie-Projekt: Wind-Diesel Hybrid Kraftwerk“, is available at