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Pilot Phase with KESSEL Solar Water Heaters in Colombia

 Contract: 2015.02
Solar thermal

Pilot Phase with KESSEL Solar Water Heaters in Colombia

Project Type :

Pilot Project


Technology :

Solar Thermal

Country :



Project Status :


Project Start :

April 2015


End of Project :

December 2017

Partners :

Kessel International AG, Zurich,, Christoph Karlo, Samuel Neuenschwander

© Kessel International
© Kessel International

Swiss Contribution

The young, Swiss KESSEL International Ltd. Company was founded in 2014. The KESSEL thermosiphon system for solar water heating production was developed in Switzerland and tested at the Swiss Institute for Solar Technology (SPF) in Rapperswil.


Colombia’s climatic conditions have an average of 4.5 Kw/m2/day of solar radiation which is optimal for solar thermal systems. Each person needs 40-50 litres hot water per day, especially for his/her daily morning shower. The KESSEL thermosiphon system has been specifically developed for individual households in developing countries. It can be produced with locally available building materials. The first production line is in Mexico, with more than 150 systems having already be produced, sold and installed.

Following a first testing of six systems, a pilot phase will be carried out in Colombia. Together with local technicians who have been trained accordingly, 20 thermosiphon systems will be produced and installed locally. The technology will be tested under Colombian conditions and an application in the area of building integration is also going to be tested. The business model will be checked, based on financing and/or insurance services, then a small mobile production line is built.