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Micro Hydropower Units for small villages in Ladakh, Northern India

Contract: 2008.03
Small Hydropower

Micro Hydropower Units for small villages in Ladakh, Northern India

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Infrastructure Oriented Project, Education


Technology :

Small Hydropower

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Partner :

FHNW Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Muttenz,,
Christian Ardüser , Peter Gonsowski, Leif Karcheter


Swiss Contribution

A broad know-how in hydropower has been built up in Switzerland over many years. Additionally the FHNW possesses a hydropower lab where flow tests can be conducted.


In Ladakh, 50 small hydropower stations in the range of 5 to 35 kW have been installed over the last 20 years. A diploma thesis has recently shown that the efficiency of already existing and newly planned hydropower plants could be improved considerably through optimized design and operation. The existing plants have, for the most part, not been equipped with the necessary constructions for exiting water flow and with sedimentation basins, which leads to frequent standstills at the power plants and a negative image of hydropower.

Therefore planning, design, construction and operation of small hydropower stations shall be improved in an exemplary manner. In a first phase, the project includes the construction of a pilot power plant as well as the writing of a planning, construction and operation manual for local hydropower specialists. In a second phase, another power plant shall be constructed, applying the acquired know-how and experiences.


The Final Report, „Kleinwasserkraftanlagen für Dorfgemeinschaften in Ladakh“ as well as the manual „Civil works for micro hydro power units“, are available at